Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Eric Mack - 'A Defence of Natural Rights'

Professor of Philosophy at Tulane University, Eric Mack is a leading classical liberal political philosopher, with special interests in the foundations of moral rights and property rights. He frequently publishes on these and other topics, and has edited for Liberty Fund two libertarian classics - Auberon Herbert's The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by the State, and Other Essays, and Herbert Spencer's The Man Versus the State. He has recently completed a new biography and critical exposition of the work of John Locke and is widely regarded as an authority on natural rights. Here he speaks about the moral foundations of natural rights, drawing on the work of Locke amongst others, and defends the right to acquire and retain property without interference.

The Q&A, which follows this discussion and concentrates more on property rights specifically, will be uploaded in the near future.

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Lester Hunt said...

Thanks much for posting this. I'm looking forward to seeing the Q & A.