Thursday, 21 May 2009

Defending Pay Inequality

On Tuesday evening, the society hosted Professor Len Shackleton, Dean of the Business School at the University of East London. His topic was pay inequality, and he made the case against popular concerns regarding bankers' bonuses, the 'exploitation' of the poorest and the pay gap between men and women. The video is now available, and supplies an excellent antidote to the hysteria about city fat-cats and the worrying extension of state power at the heart of the new Equality bill:

Professor Shackleton's recent monograph on the causes of the pay gap, 'Should We Mind the Gap?' is now available online from the Institute of Economic Affairs, where he also contributes to the blog. We are extremely grateful for the complimentary copies of the book that the Institute provided for the event.

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An Abolished Man said...

The video is very quiet. I couldn't hear what the man was saying.

My main problem with radical feminists and egalitarians like Harmen is that the have this ridiculous idea that "equality" is inherently good. Not only is equality quite an abstract concept but it is clear that because of the differences between human beings that it is more rationally to favour inequality than equality.

Another problem with the feminist movement is that it is very materialistic. As they put too much value on economic power and careers, it logically follows that they don't wish to stand up for women but that they wish for any form of tradition in which women don't pursure economic power (especially marriage) to fail.

Their over emphasis on material goods and careers also devalues those women who wish to live within traditional insitutions. This can be seen with the feminists reaction to pro-life and happily married Sarah Palin. Surely if their ideology was about women's interests then they would support a women like Palin who had a chance of being the first female VP?