Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Double 'Thank You'

Via the Adam Smith Institute, I came across this delightful Thanksgiving Prayer at Overcoming Bias:
"Dear Global Economy, we thank thee for thy economies of scale, thy professional specialization, and thy international networks of trade under Ricardo's Law of Comparative Advantage, without which we would all starve to death while trying to assemble the ingredients for such a dinner as this. Amen."
Which gives me a convenient opportunity to link to this plaque featured on Econlog, following Bryan Caplan's recent visit to Singapore:
More on the 'double thank you' phenomenon which underlies free trade and "with which [our] future prosperity must ever be identified," by John Stossel.

And, since it isn't too tangential, a statue of my favourite 19th century British free-trader, Richard Cobden, from St Ann's Square in Manchester:

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Liberty said...

Of the prayer: I, Pencil, anyone?

Of the Double 'Thank You': I always thank bus drivers and they never thank me back. What's with that? I blame public transport subsidies.